The Experience

Leadership JumpStart®

If you come prepared to participate fully and openly with others from various industries, here is what you can expect to gain from your investment in the Leadership JumpStart®:

Experience four days spent in breathless intensity, personal challenge and deep insight. Based on the Grinnell “Organizational Vitality Model” and the “Leadership Leap,” our group-coaching process will help you find limitations to the full expression of leadership power—always aligned with enterprise mission, values and your personal purpose.


Awaken potential and hidden strengths locked away behind wrong mindsets, false beliefs and off-purpose behavior


Gain insight into human motivation and learn to “read people” in order to influence others much more effectively


Build skills to maintain “conscious curiosity” for increasing your learning capacity so that you can identify blind spots where you may be compromising your leadership


Learn a proprietary human technology for finding the courage to communicate and lead through difficult situations when others can’t or will not


Receive feedback from those you work with by using our Leadership Optimizer 75™, a behaviorally based and statistically validated 360 multi-rater to gain insight and advice through anonymous feedback


Develop a precisely targeted, behaviorally specific and accountable action plan to change key elements of your leadership when you return to work